miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

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Everybody is free to wear sunscreen

This video gives you a lot of useful and meaningful advice. It starts trying to tell you that you should appreciate what you have and that as life goes by and you get older you will start to understand the importance of your actions. Because when you are young you have a lot of opportunities and choices to take. Chance is very involved in the choices we have to make and there is not always a correct path to follow. That is why we should be careful with what we choose to worry about. There is no gain or benefit in worrying so much over the decisions we make; so if we can avoid conflicting ourselves with these thoughts our lives are likely to be filled with freedom and happiness instead of anguish.
The speaker in this video wants us to feel more comfortable with ourselves. I realized that what seems so important today might not really be as I think, and that maybe we are being too hard on ourselves. I understood that in a few years the problems I have now might seem irrelevant then. The video also helped me see that we shouldn’t waste so much time on appearances because when we are older that will be gone and we will be left only with memories. That is why we should focus on our relationships, and give the friendships we create now a higher priority.
I learned that in life it is hard to avoid jealousy; but comparing myself or my achievements with other people is one of the worst things I can do because we are all different and we all go through life at our own pace. And that in the end the only competitors in life are ourselves.

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