domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

Classes at Indiana University

I am taking two different classes and a Friday Seminar in which we will analyze about education issues and we are going to listen to important speakers and experts. There are some other free workshops that the University offers as professional development opportunities.

My first class in the week is English Phonology: Language, Learning & Teaching. My teacher is French, she worked in Germany many years and she is so fresh and promotes our participation all the time. She speaks so fast in a varied stream of ideas that I have to pay a lot of attention.

My classmates are such a mix of languages, nationalities and skills, is amazing to be there: a Japanese teacher, a Korean Linguistic, 3 American teachers, one is a poet and musician, another is a Mexican descendent that teaches Arab. The foreigners speak 2 languages or even 3: their native tongue, English and some of them speak or read French or another as Arab.

I have high expectations from this class. I chose it because is an area that I know very little or nothing. The teacher told us that is not taught in many Universities and we must be sure to take note of that in our curriculums.

The second learning is that despite our efforts and beliefs, we must not pursue the ideal of a native English pronunciation, such thing doesn’t exist and if it does, it occurs when you have deleted your national essence in your person. My teacher did not say it with that specific words, but that is the idea: When you lose your accent, you become someone else.

My other class is Language Foundations for ESL/EFL teachers. This a 4 hour class in one day, on Wednesdays.
My teacher has a huge experience in languages and working in Africa and with students from different countries.
My classmates are also from different countries with backgrounds in teaching languages, not only English.
The topics are pretty interesting and I feel comfortable in class, and I really liked the required book.
I enjoy reading for pleasure and the 3 books that we have to read every week, they are clear, precise and appealing to my educational needs and experience, so I found myself reading them with a deep interest.

It is a huge privilege to attend these classes, learning is what makes humans grow and become better human beings.

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

Bloomington, Indiana, a College Town

I have never seen so much nature in my life. It's green wherever you see. Huge tall trees, bushes everywhere, flowers that full your eyes.

We took our airplane from Washington DC to Indianapolis at 8:30 by Southwest Airline, which allows you to travel with 2 suitcases. (In San Diego I had to pay $25 per each suitcase). We arrive to Indianapolis modern airport and immediately took a shuttle bus to Bloomington. It took like less than an hour to get here.
We arrived to the Evermann building that is shaped like a huge E, I lost myself the first day and the corridors reminded me the shining movie, but it was the first experience, now they are filled with cooking smells from all over the world.

We met this nice lady Cristina, who welcomed us and gave us our key to the apartment. I do not know why I am in a different area, apart from the other 16, time will say if it was good for me or not. My apartment is pretty big comparing to what we see in movies, a small kitchen, bathroom, two closets!!, and two individual beds, one for me and one for Ana Isis.
The water runs like a strong stream, I almost feel bad because my friends in Ensenada, they do not have water on a daily basis.

The Indiana University Campus in Bloomington is beautiful, almost every building is made with limestone, and they are huge, several floors all covered and made with limestone. So you see this combination of green trees and white buildings in every corner you step.

Also in every corner you would hear different languages, it is a multilingual city. You would hear Chinese, Mandarin, Hindi, Arab, or any Asian language.

A lot of people, youngsters, run here, you will see them in the mornings running alone, or in big groups.
You do not see many fat people, perhaps because many of them are beginning their twenties.

The bus service is excellent, they run like 10 different routes. The students just jump in the buses, without need to show any ID. The University has their own routes and the city has others, in which you just show your ID student.

It is a city where young and aspiring people live, happy to be here, learning to be adults.

sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

Love is our Flag. Poem written by Alba Marron describing México.

We are men and women
Made of gold and silver
Death is our friend
Pure, hard and yet soft and tender
Chocolate made, sweetness joy
Surrender us, love is our flag

We have in our eyes
Thousands of memories
From our ancestors
A history like no one else’s
Majestic, vibrant and powerful
Yet pain shows when one of us
Is wounded
We are one, yet we are many
Colors, many rituals, many sorrows
We are one, but many sounds come
From our mouths.
Many rhythms from our bodies
Hymns and songs.

We are one, but we have different seas,
Gulfs. Many mountains, perfect deserts.
The aquarium of the world.
The beauty of volcanoes, canyons, jungles and lagoons.

We are one, yet so many
We are diverse and the same
We are laugh and love
Tears and sorrow
We are one, men and women
Full of love.

martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

We arrived to Washington on Monday 10th, at 11:30 in the morning. It was an exciting moment for us, the Liason Hotel is just 2 blocks from the Capitol and they allowed us into our room just right away, so we could take a shower. We, as Mexicans, were the ones that flew less hours, my beautiful colleagues flew from 12 to 16 hours from the farthest places like New Zealand, India or Botswana. I have the incredible honor to represent and describe my country, my beloved Mexico. When I knew I was going to do a presentation in which I had to sing, dance or recite, I honestly felt a cold feeling. I dont know how to dance Mexican songs or dances; I dont do Karaoke because it is not fair to others. So I thought I could read a poem. mmmm, I will choose a famous poem like la Suave Patria..but suddenly I said to myself why dont I write one of my own? and my mind started to think and rhyme. That day I wrote it and the day of the presentation I finished it. I was very nervous, I read it many times in order to memorize it and to read it as a poem should be. WE ARE ONE We are men and women made of gold and silver death is our friend pure, hard and yet soft and tender chocolate made, sweetness joy surrender us Love is our flag We have in our eyes thousands of memories from our ancestors A history like no one else's Majestic, vibrant and powerful yet pain shows when one of us is hurt We are one, yet we are many colors, rituals, many sorrows We are one, but many sounds come from our mouths Many rhythms from our bodies Voices and songs We are one, but we have different seas, gulfs many mountains, perfect deserts The aquarium of the world The beauty of volcanoes, canyons, jungles and lagoons We are one, yet so many We are diverse and the same We are laugh and love tears and sorrow We are one, men and women full of love love is our flag. WRITTEN BY ALBA ROSARIO MARRON CANSECO JULY/AUGUST 2015.

Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Award. Since the beginning. It started in October 2014.

I wish I could tell you shortly and sharing my deep emotions about what I have lived until today. It is not possible to do it. It has become an extraordinary road and yet it is just beginning. I will try to be short but precise and hope that my memory does not fail. Forget my words as Quijote wrote when he began his great Masterpiece. (I just recalled that introduction, not comparing, God forgive me!) May 2015. I traveled to Mexico City to the anniversary of Comexus Garcia Robles Fulbright. I met Timothy McBride, that has been an ally helping and supporting me in every question I had, since I sent the first email to him, in October 2014, asking if I would be good enough to apply as a distinguished award recipient. He answered next day, saying yes, you seem like a good candidate! It all started with an email and a google search. That day in May, I met this wonderful young teachers that are going to work as assistants in teaching positions in USA for a full year! Imagine that! I also met the Ambassador Wayne (took a picture with him) and the smart Hazel Blackmore, she leads COMEXUS in Mexico. In July I prepared my DS 160 file application for my visa J1 and the J2 of my daughter's. I sent them online and I did not write my number application, it was a mistake that gave free worries for 2 weeks. I did it a second time and resent it, even that I got very worried. Every week or day I had to send files or papers by email. Get used to this, it would be a huge amount of files and emails. When I sent my project application, I uploaded like 40 different documents: diplomas, job letters, TOEFL, grades, certificates, any paper that prove that I did or have the skills and qualifications that I stated I had. Luckily I had them :) My project is about what I do, teaching English as a Foreign Language, and about Stephen Krashen Theories about acquisition and filters. Also I would research and interview teachers and their successful practices. I will be telling by parts how this great and privilege goes.