miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

Bloomington, Indiana, a College Town

I have never seen so much nature in my life. It's green wherever you see. Huge tall trees, bushes everywhere, flowers that full your eyes.

We took our airplane from Washington DC to Indianapolis at 8:30 by Southwest Airline, which allows you to travel with 2 suitcases. (In San Diego I had to pay $25 per each suitcase). We arrive to Indianapolis modern airport and immediately took a shuttle bus to Bloomington. It took like less than an hour to get here.
We arrived to the Evermann building that is shaped like a huge E, I lost myself the first day and the corridors reminded me the shining movie, but it was the first experience, now they are filled with cooking smells from all over the world.

We met this nice lady Cristina, who welcomed us and gave us our key to the apartment. I do not know why I am in a different area, apart from the other 16, time will say if it was good for me or not. My apartment is pretty big comparing to what we see in movies, a small kitchen, bathroom, two closets!!, and two individual beds, one for me and one for Ana Isis.
The water runs like a strong stream, I almost feel bad because my friends in Ensenada, they do not have water on a daily basis.

The Indiana University Campus in Bloomington is beautiful, almost every building is made with limestone, and they are huge, several floors all covered and made with limestone. So you see this combination of green trees and white buildings in every corner you step.

Also in every corner you would hear different languages, it is a multilingual city. You would hear Chinese, Mandarin, Hindi, Arab, or any Asian language.

A lot of people, youngsters, run here, you will see them in the mornings running alone, or in big groups.
You do not see many fat people, perhaps because many of them are beginning their twenties.

The bus service is excellent, they run like 10 different routes. The students just jump in the buses, without need to show any ID. The University has their own routes and the city has others, in which you just show your ID student.

It is a city where young and aspiring people live, happy to be here, learning to be adults.

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  1. Teacher ! Is good that you're having fun there :3
    Congratulations !