martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Nick Vujici Story.

We are used to believe in what the others say about us, but we never give importance to what we really are, because we are scared with the idea of ​​being alone, and then we start to think either that we are not good enough or that we are a failure and we get closer to fall into depression, and leaving our dreams, and is amazing how Nick Vujicic who doesn’t have limbs and can do all what we do daily and overcome the difficulties in his life.
So if he has a normal and happy life, and travels around the world, why we can’t get over the prejudices of the people, and follow our dreams, and be happy too? .We should ask to our self “what way I’m going to take?” and made the right decision to forget all that lies that some people say about us and start living our lives.
I think that the main point of the conference is about accept yourself just the way you are and have a good self esteem , don’t listen to the judgments of the people around of you.
 I’m impressed; I just can’t imagine how Nick has a perfectly normal life and go on, even though problems he could have.
Every one of us have problems, whatever they are, but we have also the possibility to address the problems and stay on feet to fight for our dreams and for ourselves.
Samantha 407

martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

When I saw the video I think, this is another history of a guy who didn’t have anything and becomes millionaire from the nowhere, but, when I finally finished to watch the video, I realized that I was wrong and this is a beautiful history about  learning how to face the failures, but also to teach me that I have my own thing to love for example baseball, I love it and I have the taste of defeats, and feel that I don’t even deserve the privilege of playing, and things like “my parents are wasting their money” it could be possible, but only depends of me and how much effort I put on my trainings and games.
One of other stories speaks about how the things that we do today are connected to the future and we don’t even know it yet. I have my own history for that; Once my uncle said to me: come here, I’m going to teach you how to prepare cocktails and I thought: How suppose am I going to use this in the future?, several months later my uncle called me and said to me: I need an assistant in a wedding, do you want to go with me? And I say of course and that was my first paid job, I won 45 dlls. So this is how I interpret and understood the advice of “connecting the dots”,  this is an experience that can happen to anybody.
The other history makes me feel like I’m wasting my life because there are too many days that I wake up and feel like I’m doing this wrong: if it’s my last on earth, I don’t want to waste it like that but unfortunately many of the times I can’t do anything to change that.
I come to a conclusion in this history, it made me to realize that I have to stop and think what I’m doing with my life before that turn serious.

A. 407

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

8 parts of Speech

The butterfly Circus – Essay
Leyra, 407

This short movie is so beautiful. It just says that n o matter how it’s hard for you something, if you try hard you will succeed. The first time I saw this short movie, I didn't believe it was true, that there is a person without limbs, but I searched more of that and I confirmed that it was true.

It’s incredible to see how a person can accomplish so much with so little, see how he fight for get a normal life and not being treated badly or differently. I admire so much this kind of people with different disabilities, they always show to people that they’re be in perfect conditions that everything in this life can be if they fight for that.

The way it presents in the movie is magnificent. Before, the people discriminate so much people for being different, mocked them doing circus shows displaying their “deformities” to all.
Watch how the owner of The Butterfly Circus Mendez, teach to Will, the man without limbs, everyone said: God turned his back, that no man call itself, he’s a useless goose bumps and then you see how he manages to believe in himself, because he believed everything that people was told him before, and Mendez taught him to trust himself, he realized that he is better than people who humiliated him. Not only will it tested with one case, if not with others who are: drunk and quarrelsome man,   a woman working in a brothel, she is pregnant and was send  to the street, or the story of an old man who works on the street.

My opinion of video, is there isn’t a excuse for not doing something, because God gives to you all the opportunities to do and making excuses to give up is very silly, and the form how he proves that is with such people who fight and struggle all their lives, simply because that want to be treated equally.

lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

The Butterfly Circus
Lengua Adicional al Español IV407  //  #45  –  Alondra

About this video, I think that is a good video because shows how everything is possible. Sometimes we think that we are unfortunates because something goes wrong or is not how we hoped but we are fortunate because we are  alive.

The video shows a man who believed that God was wrong with him because it gave him no arms or legs, and as everyone said he was useless, worthless and he believed the same. Nonetheless a great man say him “You are magnificent” and invited him to The Butterfly circus.

There he found the thing that he could do, he found he could swim.
So, how he could?  He could do it because he wanted to cross the river but nobody paid attention, he try to do it for himself; he moved and moved until he could swim.

Of this way, we can see that nobody can say you that you can do or not, what you are or what you aren’t, we are free and we can do anything that we want and where we want, as long as you respect the other people.

It looked very cute as Mr. Mendez made him fell important, how he was with him and the way he spoke to him for he understands that he wasn’t a phenomenon, that was worth much more than he thought.

No different from anyone, no matter the economic situation we are in, race, color, religion or way of thinking; we are all human and we do not have to be racist with someone just because they don’t have your same tastes.

To conclude, I think that no matter how we are or where we come from, all the matters is that we are humans, we have feelings, we are here for a reason and no one is better than anyone, we are all equal.

The Butterfly Circus

This short film leaves a great example, because it's a great story, of hope, of never giving up in spite of the problems. Many people give up easily, because of what other people say, or what they think about you. When in reality, it only matters what you say and think, no one has to tell us we have to do as long as you're happy with that.

For many people with sensitive feelings, they will leave a tear. The protagonist of the story has no arms and legs, but this does not seem an impediment to him, for he can swim, and do most of the things that a person with arms and legs can do, and often do not we do.

In the story, he is exhibited as someone weird, and that people make fun of him because of his disability. But that does not matter to him, because he has lived with it all his life.

He is a great role model, has motivated me to never give up in adversity, however great it may seem, there's always someone with a bigger problem than mine, and he did not give up.
In my opinion, if the world had more people like him, everything would be better, all we would help us, there would be no discrimination between people, and even today no one is perfect, no one is able to see their own shortcomings without criticize the shortcomings of others.

I hope that all people who have seen this video, have changed their way of thinking and seeing things, to see things from the heart, and that before you criticize someone, stop a moment, put on shoes of others and think that he would not want someone else to do the same to you, that person may have problems, but maybe live life better than you and all of us.
Edgar I. #26

The Dolphins
Genel, 407.
The dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, they are sociable and friendly, they understand us although we don’t understand them. In the ocean or in the water they are very fast, they can be faster than the boats and the fastest in the ocean, they can jump 6 meters above water, some of them are small and others are big. 
They are very nice animals.

They can save lives with them intelligence, they know that humans are their friends, they are always smiling, but it doesn’t mean they are happy.

They should not be in captivity, his house is the ocean and there is where they must be; out of danger, but unfortunately many people do not think in the animals, they just think in themselves; the dolphins are endangered and we are the only ones who can save them; we are their biggest threat and their only hope.

We must think more in them and ourselves, their meat contains toxic levels of mercury and is sold as food in japan, and the people in Japan do not even know this is happening.

They can’t defend from us, and unfortunately there are people who take advantage, to sell the meat or they catch them and choose some for display them elsewhere. People should understand that there are other ways to get food and not just killing animals. We are more intelligent than them, but that does not give us the right to kill them; we must think that we would not like that someone, just kill us because they need food.

We need and have to find other ways to produce our food and not just killing the dolphins or any other animal; the dolphins are our friends and we are their friends, but we must show them if we don’t want lose them.

Essay about the video: “The Butterfly Circus”
Montes, 407

Before I saw the video, I thought my life never could be complete, but when someone see persons like him, that is the moment when you can dream with accomplish all our goals, and those persons, would be like heroes to the people, heroes than despite a problem that they can have, they still will enjoy their days like it’s the last one on their life.

Also I realized some people are not very happy for anyone reason, but not because of this, we have to laugh about other people who has a defect, because anyone in the world it’s perfect.

In the world, a high percent of people, is engaged to molest the people, because this persons have more present the ant values than the values, these people, for instance, when they were young, they hadn't a ideal life, hence, they do it.

After I saw the video, I think my mind thought very very different, because now, I understood, all  persons have to have the same rights and responsibilities, and nowhere said we have right to molest and laugh about them, and I think, we have to never make anything wrong to other person that I don’t like they do to me.

With persons like Will, we should think different, for instance, think we can keep living and enjoying the life; he is an example for me, he can keep the head top despite he doesn’t have arms and legs, we should try live enjoying to the maximum, because if he can keep living, he only want to explain to us their problems and explaining how we can forever smile to the life.

With videos like this, I would hope that more people watch the video and these people, and try to have a better life, because all the persons around the world should try to be happy, and this would help to be everyday become a better world.

Mexicali, B.C.
April 8th , 2013.
1.- The students  had the assignment of watching any of the videos posted in this blog. They had to write a 300 word essay. (They weren’t happy about it)
2.- They handed them on time, I proofread them, I gave back to them to correct the sentences which weren’t clear and change some writing mistakes.
3.- Now,  we are posting just some of them, but all of them, they are truly exceptional. ( I know, they are commas missing or lack of perfection, but it’s their first serious essay).
4.- Being able to promote  a  young´s heart becoming motivated with this noble causes and move them to the reflection,  it´s a privilege only teachers have.

Brandon. 407:

Everybody has wanted to be a superhero, but what many people don't know is that we can be that hero, the one that gives hope to someone, who already has lost everything.

We can be who saves a woman from an assault; we can return the smile to someone who has lost it. If it is true that there will always be people who tell us that is not for us, that is not possible to us, that someone else should take care of that, is when we, with the conviction that we have in our body, we could say out loud ‘‘I’ll be your hero’’; We all have one inside, and eventually I’ll have to leave him out.

In the video ‘‘The Hoyt team’’ we see everything that is capable of doing a father for his son; this man is full of courage, courage and willpower, and shares what he likes to do for his disabled son. Only we have to imagine the joy of that child to which his father gives him. All the love that he has in his heart made  his son a happy person, full of courage, to a son who wants to get ahead, not giving up even when he does not have 100% of their motor skills. So we, the ones that are healthy we can do everything we propose; we can meet all our hopes just enough to remove them from that corner where we are keep them away, and strive to make them reality.

That’s right, enough to know us so high we can get, that other people trust and believe in themselves, surely some of us have seen superman, batman, and wonder woman and feel that desire to help people, because well, you don’t need to have powers to help your friends, as the father, he only saw himself to share a little of what he can do whit his son, he helped many people to raise their status of feelings and tell them ‘‘you can be all that you can’’, as perhaps the only thing they need is encouragement and a push.