lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Essay about the video: “The Butterfly Circus”
Montes, 407

Before I saw the video, I thought my life never could be complete, but when someone see persons like him, that is the moment when you can dream with accomplish all our goals, and those persons, would be like heroes to the people, heroes than despite a problem that they can have, they still will enjoy their days like it’s the last one on their life.

Also I realized some people are not very happy for anyone reason, but not because of this, we have to laugh about other people who has a defect, because anyone in the world it’s perfect.

In the world, a high percent of people, is engaged to molest the people, because this persons have more present the ant values than the values, these people, for instance, when they were young, they hadn't a ideal life, hence, they do it.

After I saw the video, I think my mind thought very very different, because now, I understood, all  persons have to have the same rights and responsibilities, and nowhere said we have right to molest and laugh about them, and I think, we have to never make anything wrong to other person that I don’t like they do to me.

With persons like Will, we should think different, for instance, think we can keep living and enjoying the life; he is an example for me, he can keep the head top despite he doesn’t have arms and legs, we should try live enjoying to the maximum, because if he can keep living, he only want to explain to us their problems and explaining how we can forever smile to the life.

With videos like this, I would hope that more people watch the video and these people, and try to have a better life, because all the persons around the world should try to be happy, and this would help to be everyday become a better world.

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