lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Mexicali, B.C.
April 8th , 2013.
1.- The students  had the assignment of watching any of the videos posted in this blog. They had to write a 300 word essay. (They weren’t happy about it)
2.- They handed them on time, I proofread them, I gave back to them to correct the sentences which weren’t clear and change some writing mistakes.
3.- Now,  we are posting just some of them, but all of them, they are truly exceptional. ( I know, they are commas missing or lack of perfection, but it’s their first serious essay).
4.- Being able to promote  a  young´s heart becoming motivated with this noble causes and move them to the reflection,  it´s a privilege only teachers have.

Brandon. 407:

Everybody has wanted to be a superhero, but what many people don't know is that we can be that hero, the one that gives hope to someone, who already has lost everything.

We can be who saves a woman from an assault; we can return the smile to someone who has lost it. If it is true that there will always be people who tell us that is not for us, that is not possible to us, that someone else should take care of that, is when we, with the conviction that we have in our body, we could say out loud ‘‘I’ll be your hero’’; We all have one inside, and eventually I’ll have to leave him out.

In the video ‘‘The Hoyt team’’ we see everything that is capable of doing a father for his son; this man is full of courage, courage and willpower, and shares what he likes to do for his disabled son. Only we have to imagine the joy of that child to which his father gives him. All the love that he has in his heart made  his son a happy person, full of courage, to a son who wants to get ahead, not giving up even when he does not have 100% of their motor skills. So we, the ones that are healthy we can do everything we propose; we can meet all our hopes just enough to remove them from that corner where we are keep them away, and strive to make them reality.

That’s right, enough to know us so high we can get, that other people trust and believe in themselves, surely some of us have seen superman, batman, and wonder woman and feel that desire to help people, because well, you don’t need to have powers to help your friends, as the father, he only saw himself to share a little of what he can do whit his son, he helped many people to raise their status of feelings and tell them ‘‘you can be all that you can’’, as perhaps the only thing they need is encouragement and a push. 

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