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The butterfly Circus – Essay
Leyra, 407

This short movie is so beautiful. It just says that n o matter how it’s hard for you something, if you try hard you will succeed. The first time I saw this short movie, I didn't believe it was true, that there is a person without limbs, but I searched more of that and I confirmed that it was true.

It’s incredible to see how a person can accomplish so much with so little, see how he fight for get a normal life and not being treated badly or differently. I admire so much this kind of people with different disabilities, they always show to people that they’re be in perfect conditions that everything in this life can be if they fight for that.

The way it presents in the movie is magnificent. Before, the people discriminate so much people for being different, mocked them doing circus shows displaying their “deformities” to all.
Watch how the owner of The Butterfly Circus Mendez, teach to Will, the man without limbs, everyone said: God turned his back, that no man call itself, he’s a useless goose bumps and then you see how he manages to believe in himself, because he believed everything that people was told him before, and Mendez taught him to trust himself, he realized that he is better than people who humiliated him. Not only will it tested with one case, if not with others who are: drunk and quarrelsome man,   a woman working in a brothel, she is pregnant and was send  to the street, or the story of an old man who works on the street.

My opinion of video, is there isn’t a excuse for not doing something, because God gives to you all the opportunities to do and making excuses to give up is very silly, and the form how he proves that is with such people who fight and struggle all their lives, simply because that want to be treated equally.

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