lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

The Butterfly Circus
Lengua Adicional al Español IV407  //  #45  –  Alondra

About this video, I think that is a good video because shows how everything is possible. Sometimes we think that we are unfortunates because something goes wrong or is not how we hoped but we are fortunate because we are  alive.

The video shows a man who believed that God was wrong with him because it gave him no arms or legs, and as everyone said he was useless, worthless and he believed the same. Nonetheless a great man say him “You are magnificent” and invited him to The Butterfly circus.

There he found the thing that he could do, he found he could swim.
So, how he could?  He could do it because he wanted to cross the river but nobody paid attention, he try to do it for himself; he moved and moved until he could swim.

Of this way, we can see that nobody can say you that you can do or not, what you are or what you aren’t, we are free and we can do anything that we want and where we want, as long as you respect the other people.

It looked very cute as Mr. Mendez made him fell important, how he was with him and the way he spoke to him for he understands that he wasn’t a phenomenon, that was worth much more than he thought.

No different from anyone, no matter the economic situation we are in, race, color, religion or way of thinking; we are all human and we do not have to be racist with someone just because they don’t have your same tastes.

To conclude, I think that no matter how we are or where we come from, all the matters is that we are humans, we have feelings, we are here for a reason and no one is better than anyone, we are all equal.

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