martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Nick Vujici Story.

We are used to believe in what the others say about us, but we never give importance to what we really are, because we are scared with the idea of ​​being alone, and then we start to think either that we are not good enough or that we are a failure and we get closer to fall into depression, and leaving our dreams, and is amazing how Nick Vujicic who doesn’t have limbs and can do all what we do daily and overcome the difficulties in his life.
So if he has a normal and happy life, and travels around the world, why we can’t get over the prejudices of the people, and follow our dreams, and be happy too? .We should ask to our self “what way I’m going to take?” and made the right decision to forget all that lies that some people say about us and start living our lives.
I think that the main point of the conference is about accept yourself just the way you are and have a good self esteem , don’t listen to the judgments of the people around of you.
 I’m impressed; I just can’t imagine how Nick has a perfectly normal life and go on, even though problems he could have.
Every one of us have problems, whatever they are, but we have also the possibility to address the problems and stay on feet to fight for our dreams and for ourselves.
Samantha 407

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