martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Award. Since the beginning. It started in October 2014.

I wish I could tell you shortly and sharing my deep emotions about what I have lived until today. It is not possible to do it. It has become an extraordinary road and yet it is just beginning. I will try to be short but precise and hope that my memory does not fail. Forget my words as Quijote wrote when he began his great Masterpiece. (I just recalled that introduction, not comparing, God forgive me!) May 2015. I traveled to Mexico City to the anniversary of Comexus Garcia Robles Fulbright. I met Timothy McBride, that has been an ally helping and supporting me in every question I had, since I sent the first email to him, in October 2014, asking if I would be good enough to apply as a distinguished award recipient. He answered next day, saying yes, you seem like a good candidate! It all started with an email and a google search. That day in May, I met this wonderful young teachers that are going to work as assistants in teaching positions in USA for a full year! Imagine that! I also met the Ambassador Wayne (took a picture with him) and the smart Hazel Blackmore, she leads COMEXUS in Mexico. In July I prepared my DS 160 file application for my visa J1 and the J2 of my daughter's. I sent them online and I did not write my number application, it was a mistake that gave free worries for 2 weeks. I did it a second time and resent it, even that I got very worried. Every week or day I had to send files or papers by email. Get used to this, it would be a huge amount of files and emails. When I sent my project application, I uploaded like 40 different documents: diplomas, job letters, TOEFL, grades, certificates, any paper that prove that I did or have the skills and qualifications that I stated I had. Luckily I had them :) My project is about what I do, teaching English as a Foreign Language, and about Stephen Krashen Theories about acquisition and filters. Also I would research and interview teachers and their successful practices. I will be telling by parts how this great and privilege goes.

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