martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

We arrived to Washington on Monday 10th, at 11:30 in the morning. It was an exciting moment for us, the Liason Hotel is just 2 blocks from the Capitol and they allowed us into our room just right away, so we could take a shower. We, as Mexicans, were the ones that flew less hours, my beautiful colleagues flew from 12 to 16 hours from the farthest places like New Zealand, India or Botswana. I have the incredible honor to represent and describe my country, my beloved Mexico. When I knew I was going to do a presentation in which I had to sing, dance or recite, I honestly felt a cold feeling. I dont know how to dance Mexican songs or dances; I dont do Karaoke because it is not fair to others. So I thought I could read a poem. mmmm, I will choose a famous poem like la Suave Patria..but suddenly I said to myself why dont I write one of my own? and my mind started to think and rhyme. That day I wrote it and the day of the presentation I finished it. I was very nervous, I read it many times in order to memorize it and to read it as a poem should be. WE ARE ONE We are men and women made of gold and silver death is our friend pure, hard and yet soft and tender chocolate made, sweetness joy surrender us Love is our flag We have in our eyes thousands of memories from our ancestors A history like no one else's Majestic, vibrant and powerful yet pain shows when one of us is hurt We are one, yet we are many colors, rituals, many sorrows We are one, but many sounds come from our mouths Many rhythms from our bodies Voices and songs We are one, but we have different seas, gulfs many mountains, perfect deserts The aquarium of the world The beauty of volcanoes, canyons, jungles and lagoons We are one, yet so many We are diverse and the same We are laugh and love tears and sorrow We are one, men and women full of love love is our flag. WRITTEN BY ALBA ROSARIO MARRON CANSECO JULY/AUGUST 2015.

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