viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013


The movie “The Butterfly Circus” wants to teach about confidence, about friendship and about solidarity. Confidence is important to achieve the things you want in your life, a close friendship will always help you when you think you can’t do something, just the nice words of a person can help, and solidarity, being mean to someone won’t take you higher.

In this short movie you can appreciate the importance of the confidence. At the beginning of the film you see how Will feels like useless and his opinion about himself it’s just a creation based on the opinion of the public and the people who laugh at him. Along the story he learns how to believe in himself, to trust that if make an effort to complete the aspiration you have, you can have them. If you think you’re going to lose, your lost, if you think you can’t do something, you won’t, and if you don’t believe, you’re finish. You have to fight for the things you want.

Mr. Mendez is a good person, and a good friend that helps the other start trusting them. I think in life you always need a close person who has the value to tell you when you’re wrong and applause you when you’re right. Just a person to be with you in your ups and downs is all you need, if you see that someone believes in you it’s easier to make the same. In this case, Mr. Mendez is the only one who tells Will his not going to help him because he needs to start doing things alone, if a person tells you that, I think it is only for your best.

Usually streets are filled with homeless persons, and the most common reaction is to look away and move forwards. The Butterfly Circus is a second option, a second life and a second opportunity for these persons that don’t receive any help by the society. Sometimes you should be more solidary and help the ones who really need a shoulder to cry on or someone who’ll listen.

Your life can change very easily. You just have to believe and fight for your dreams and never ever give up on your aspiration. Believe is a beautiful honor and it’s something we all should have. A few words can change the way you see all your life and catch every opportunity you have because maybe it could be the last.

Cristian R.

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