viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Everybody is free to wear sunscreen - Baz Lurhman

The video called "Everybody is free to wear sunscreen" became a manifiesto of a generation just as a century was drawing to a close. The video talks about enjoying your life in the way you want to. In this speech I noticed that the life goes to fast and you don't have to worry about everything, time past and a lot of things change and it's necessary always keep looking to the future. 
Most of the time the people are judging other people and even ourselves, and we don't noticed that doing this take a lot of time when you can do something else and use it. In my opinion this speech tells you how to live your life in the best way you can. 

Don't be afraid, do whatever you want even if it is stupid, remember: time cure everything, don't think in the consequences, live the present because it's a gift, don't worry about your future (not so much) and don't regret the past because you can't change it. Your family is the most important, they will be with you until you die; the friends come and go as fast as the life past , but you can always get new ones and learn a little bit of everyone.

I think the metaphor of the phrase "use sunscreen" means that you can not let that the offenses affect you because you are worth more than you think. I'm totally agree with this speech, because we don't always appreciate the beauty of the life and just past through our eyes , and I don't want to be one of those persons, thats why I always try to take every chance, you don't know when is gonna be your last chance.
We need to be more braves. We need to dance like nobody is watching, take notice of the world no matter what you're doing, notice the moments that surround you, smile when you wake up, be thankful for what is, listen to music and enjoy it, express yourself by dancing to it or singing along, and the most important of all, don't be afraid to be yourself and never let anyone change you cause you are perfect the way you are.

And just remember one thing, in the end of the way, there is gonna be only one person, and that is gonna be you, so let yourself live the life so when you grow be proud of who you was and who you are.


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