viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

ESSAY: Introduction to Speech.Summer 2014. Lizeth. Humans are born with the ability to produce language, but only some of them posses the capacity to use the language effectively. We do not born with the domain of powerful speaking; people have to develop speaking skills to covey meaning successfully by the adequate use of vocabulary. It is very important for humans to communicate, to socialize and get information from one another. In formal presentations, these skills are the key as well as the content, to get the audience involved in the topic by using powerful words that lead to persuasion. This power of speaking is called speech. There are many types of speeches; but we are going to focus just in two: public and rhetoric. Each type of speech fits different life situations, for example, personal events such as birthday parties, graduations, weddings, etc. and others have to do with professional life, such as business presentations. But, what is the difference between the two of them? As it was mentioned before, the purpose of any speech is to influence human choices on specific topics by describing certain situations, supporting ideas and giving examples by using the language properly. Rhetoric is a type of speech where the speaker organizes content and ideas in a formal way to persuade the audience (It can be either written or orally). Public speaking is visualized as a more common speech and mostly use in everyday situations, this is also a formal presentation but without focusing on persuading, only in giving one’s opinion and presenting information. When designing a speech it is crucial to take into consideration the following steps: invention; to come up with ideas about the chosen theme, arrangement; to organize the main points of the information, it must be clear and consistent, editing; reread the speech many times as necessary to improve it. Once the speech is done, the speaker must practice the content very well to feel confident when presenting; memory, and finally, he/she must think about how to deliver the information, what words and intonation will be used to convey the meaning proposed and to fit that particular audience properly, so they find it interesting; style and delivery.

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