miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2015

Mexico… what image comes to your mind when you hear this word? I attended a conference days ago and I will not even mention the name of the author, because I had to listen to his generalization of my country. It was very painful and now I fully understand why people do not react when I say: I am from Mexico!
I am going to write about my Mexico. People full of love and deep emotions from and to their family and friends. People who help each other without asking or waiting for something in return, just for the pleasure of helping or giving. Homes full of flavors and smells and love. People who would help you anytime, offer you their house, their car and everything they have.

People who would not eat if you do not accept the dish that is in the table.
People with needs, perhaps with so little in material level, but even that, they would share with you. Mexicans that work the entire day with pride and joy. Mexicans who are creative, genuine, and brave.
Mexicans that laugh the entire day, making other people happy. Students of mine, thousands in 20 years, that I am sure they still are noble, kind and decent and make everyday a better Mexico.
Because I am a teacher, I have the privilege to know them deeply and genuinely. I have listened to their dreams and I have seen the future in their eyes.

My job is not like this reporter’s that is to research in the dirty side of my country, which a very small percentage of its population happens to exist, and that luckily I have never ever seen it in my life, nor the people I know or I have known. Because we are hardworking people, we are kind and we are noble as many of the 120 000 000 that live in Mexico and the 13 000 000 that were born in Mexico and now live in USA, fighting for a dream.

It is not the people that he portraits, or the ugly images of my country, that he sells.
If you could see and travel to the places where I have been. If you could feel the warm feeling that my soil and people inspire. Do not believe me or believe him, look for yourself, dare to live Mexican experience.

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