viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

·         He opens the door- The door is opened by him
·         We set the table- The table is set by us
·         She pays a lot of money- A lot of money is paid by her.
·         They wear blue shoes- Blue shoes are worn by them.
·         You don’t write the letter- The letter isn’t written by you.

·         She sang a song- A song was sung by her
·         Somebody hit me- I was hit by somebody
·         We stopped the bus - The bus was stopped by us
·         A thief stole my car - My car was stolen by a thief
  • They didn't let him go - He was not let go by them.

  • Jane will buy a new computer. - A new computer will be bought by Jane
  • Her boyfriend will install it. - It will be installed by her boyfriend
  • Millions of people will visit the museum. - The museum will be visited by millions of people.
  • Our boss will sign the contract. - The contract will be signed by our boss
  • You will not do it. - It will not be done by you

Present Perfect:
  • Kerrie has paid the bill. - The bill has been paid by Kerrie
  • I have eaten a hamburger. - A hamburger has been eaten by me
  • We have cycled five miles. - Five miles have been cycled by us
  • I have opened the present. - The present has been opened by me
  • They have not read the book. - The book has not been read by them

Erick V.

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