viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

Passive voice is when the statement focuses on the action and the subject does not participate actively in the statement

Present: The Marriage proposal is accepted by Daniela
Past:  The Marriage proposal was accepted by Daniela
Future: The Marriage proposal will be accepted by Daniela
Present Perfect:  The Marriage proposal has been accepted by Daniela

Present: A question is answered by Maggie
Past: A question was answered by Maggie
Future: A question will be answered by Maggie
Present Perfect: A question has been answered by Maggie.

Present: The essay is analyzed by him
Past:  The essay was analyzed by him
Future: The essay will be analyzed by him
Preset Perfect: The essay has been analyzed by him

Present: A bowl of soup is eaten by Johnny
Past: A bowl of soup was eaten by Johnny
Future:  A bowl of soup will be eaten by Johnny
Preset Perfect:  A bowl of soup has been eaten by Johnny

Present: The song is listened by the audience
Past: The song was listened by the audience
Future: The song will be listened by the audience
Preset Perfect: The song has been listened by the audience

Mónica De A. 

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