viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

Present tense
·        My car is used by my sister.
·        The telephone is used by my mom.
·        The children are kept by the nanny.
·         The cereal is eaten by me.
·        The discourse is said by the president.

Past tense
·        The cookies were eaten by my dog.
·        The milk was dropped by me.
·        Dinosaurs were killed by a comet.
·        President Kennedy was killed by lee Harvey Oswald.
·        The clock was broken by my aunt.


·        The smartphones will be used like a computer by everyone.
·        My wrist will be broken by the fall.
·        My wallet will be filled by money.
·        Science will be completed by many Scientifics. 
·        The English language will be spoken by me.

Perfect present
·        The money has been used to buy things worldwide.
·        The English language has been spoken worldwide.
·        The breakfast has been done for my mom.
·        Christmas has been known worldwide.
·         The post has been posted on Facebook by the teacher.


Jesús A.

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