viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

Barack Obama

The speech I chose to write about is a recent one, Obama talks about the situation that Syria is living right now, I’m not so sure why he thinks is his responsibility to take care about this problem, and he wants to have a confrontation with Syria’s government and specially their military army.

He explains the gravity of this problem, more than 1000 people has been killed, and between that number are more than 700 children, innocent boys and girls whose life has taken away. Obama supports the idea of fight this war too, he wants to send his military army to try to protect this country and its people. I don’t know since when this kind of fights are a responsibility to the United States of America, and I honestly doubt if getting into that is going to help.

He also comments all the different weapons that Syria is using to hurt and kill these people, they have developed chemical weapons whose are really powerful and this unfortunately is causing one of the biggest and more serious conflicts in the century.  He stands his ideal of representing a country that will defend and fight for those who need it, he thinks that the message they can send fighting will be so much better than if they don’t do anything about it, he wants to be part of that war, because, quoting him, this has implications beyond Syria, this means that this is just not for that country, he is worried that this conflict could become in something bigger than it already is.

Obama wants to deliver this message to the rest of the world, because he thinks that we all should do something and be part of it, of course he doesn’t expect that every nation agrees with his decision, but he will take this case to the congress, he will support this plan and he will put it on action. All he wants to do is to protect these innocent people, because he believes in his country and he knows, by its background, they can finish wars.

This case has to be debated by the congress, but he hopes that all the members of it realize that this is a responsibility for them and that’s who they are as a country, he made clear that he will not avoid hard decisions, and he wants to invite to the rest of the nations to be part of this and become as one single nation.
Juliana  B.

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