viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

Martin Luther King’s speech

“I have a dream”

This speech is one of numerous famous speeches that have been done and said in the history of the U.S. This one by Martin Luther King is about the time where black people were treated like slaves just because of their skin color. The United States was a nation where dark skin people would get treated like animals, not even like animals, just like they didn’t mean nothing, he fought for the rights that every human being deserves. 

He truly believed that we all are, in fact, equal. In his speech he uses a lot of metaphors to refer to the situation the African American people were living. He talked in front of thousands of people and touched many hearts with words of wisdom. He spoke his dreams and his feelings about having a free nation where his children could have a better life than him. He changed black American history, he promised and made sure that justice was being served, like he said it wasn’t the end of something, it was the beginning of a new era, a more opened mind country. Nowadays, Luther King’s legacy remains; he is remembered by everyone in the African American community. He did a very powerful speech that changed everyone that day, the United States became free.

But still, this country and this world isn’t free of racism, there’s still a lot of people who have a very closed mind and still thinks  that because you have dark skin you are less than them, and that is never going to be true, we all are equal, with dark and white skin is the same, we deserve every human right because we are the same. If Martin Luther King would never have  fought for his rights, maybe there would still be racial problems in that country, even slavery. We owe people like the president Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King that were people that fought for what they wanted for further generations, to have a better world and a better society.

I hope one day people open their mind and think for a few minutes about what happened during those years, and during that speech, that changed a lot of things in the U.S. This proves that words are the most powerful weapon. We have to make a statement about something; we need to speak our mind if we want something done.
Karla G. A.

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