viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

Obama’s Speech
After I Heard Obama’s Speech on 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King “ I have a dream” I think there is a way to say a discourse to be truly and that the audience understands you and get the idea of what you are saying. For me Obama put his ideas very clear, by his movements, the face he had, his clearly talking, his pauses and voice strength while he was giving the speech. It gave me the idea of what did this historical person.

In my opinion what Martin Luther King did was very caring because he worked in the American democracy where a big discrimination with the color people existed and there were more opportunities for the white people. I can imagine how big was the support he got for being regardless and stood up the voice to say that all raises are equality, we all deserve the same, and we shouldn’t make any kind of discrimination just because the skin color.

I really do think he was a great minister; he had fought for the civil rights and the anonymous millions who stood by King’s side during the fight of the 1960’s, were truly grateful by his actions not only because no one had stood to say it in the past but because he said it loud and clear their rights.

I could see that Martin had the courage to face others and say “come on, we are marching” and also had the strength to speak for all this people, and even if he died, he will always be remembered because what he did had a purpose which was help others to be part of the work, they could get more freedom the white people were receiving, and for that it was worth it. Obama said “Because they marched, America has changed for you and I and the entire world grew strength from that example”. And he is right; they were seeking jobs as well as justice and the presence of economic opportunity to have a better life, not just fame.
For me, another great thing of Luther King was his nonviolent using in all his actions, all the time he was kind of pacific and respectful.

The words King’s said are present now and we can see it watching Obama, and I can say he believed in the march because now he is standing right in front of the United States voice, he is the president, and he is black, so what?

 For me he has been doing changes and making more importantly, caring and hard working than others.

Maria M.

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