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I understand that..
Passive voice is a voice that indicates that the subject is the patient or recipient of the action denoted by the verb. We use it so frequently, even when we don’t know that we are using it. So it is important to know the structure of it and when we can use it or avoid it.
It also help us to give more importance to the active object.


o   Cristian paints a house. – A house is painted by Cristian.
o   Daniela sings a song. – A song is sung by Daniela.
o   Karla drives a car. – A car is driven by Karla.
o   Victor eats a donut. – A donut is eaten by Victor.
o   Briseida writes a poem. – A poem is written by Briseida.
o   Alberto sold a car. – A car was sold by Alberto.
o   Alex sent a message. A message was sent by Alex.
o   Luis bought a shirt. – A shirt was bought by Luis.
o   Denisse taught kids. – Kids was taught by Denisse.
o   Angel took a picture. – A picture was taken by Angel.
o   My mom will buy cookies. – Cookies will be bought by my mom.
o   The mechanic will fix the car. – The car will be fixed by the mechanic.
o   The students will learn math. – Math will be learned by the students.
o   The monkey will eat bananas. – Bananas will be eaten by the monkeys.
o   The soldier will kill the enemy. – The enemy will be killed by the soldier.
Present Perfect:
o   The pop star has done the concert. – The concert has been done by the pop star.
o   Crocodiles have eaten meat. – Meat have been eaten by crocodiles.
o   Engineers have built robots. – Robots have been built by engineers.
o   Carlos has failed the test. – The test has been failed by Carlos.

o   Diana has worn jeans. – Jeans has been worn by Diana.

Cristhian R. oct 27 2013

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