domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

1. - This room is cleaned every week.
2. - Jane is not supposed to be home at this time.
3. - The sidewalks in this quarter are not swept up every day.
4. - These kids are given an hour to do the test.
5. - That girl is said to possess supernatural powers

1. - Mary's legs were hurt in an accident.
2. - Our dog wasn’t allowed to travel with us.
3. - You weren’t called yesterday.
4. - Harry was given three hours to make a decision.
5. - My neighbors were paid to take care of Ana's dog.

1. - Those hospitals won’t be inaugurated until the end of spring.
2. - Those toys will be being produced in China next year.
3. -The room will be cleaned by her tomorrow.
4. -A movie will be watched later by me.
5. - This child will be taught to have better manners.

*Present Perfect:
1. - The whole city has been destroyed by the earthquake.
2. - I can't get in. These doors have been locked!
3. - Those windows haven’t been closed yet.
4. - The hamburger has been eaten by Alexis.
5. - The room has been cleaned by her.

Maria M

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