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Passive is used when we are interested in the object instead of the subject. It’s also used when we don’t know who or what the subject is, but we know that the action was made by someone or something; as long as there’s an action and an object a passive sentence can be done.
Sentences using Passive Voice can be commonly seen in scientific material
Object ― Verb to Be + Past Participle ― Subject
To change an Active sentence to a Passive one, the object of the active becomes the subject and the subject of the active becomes the object.

The cat
the mouse

The mouse
was eaten
by the cat


1.    Dogs are hated by Peter.
2.    The rules are broken by Ana.
3.    A book is written by Rick.
4.    A song is sung by Robbie.
5.    Computers are bought by people.

1.    A lot of Jews were killed by Nazis.
2.    Books were bought by mom.
3.    The city was destroyed by a tsunami.
4.    A hamburger was eaten by her.
5.    Great fictional characters were killed without mercy by the author.

1.    Great buildings will be designed by architects.
2.    The last book of the series will be written by Cassandra.
3.    The future will be changed by new technology.
4.    A movie will be watched by us.
5.    A letter will be written by me.

Present perfect:
1.    A new shirt has been bought by Ross.
2.    Baseball has been practiced by Richard.
3.    A plan has been thought by me.
4.    Computers have been used for almost everything.

5.    Manners have been changed with the pass of time.

    Ricardo R.

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